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At some point in each and every person’s life, the services of a competent and experienced attorney will be vital to finding an acceptable solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem.

The problems can come from many sources, such as injury, disability, financial hardships, or unjust treatment from a variety of sources, and the only positive solutions available require loyal, competent, trustworthy and dedicated legal counsel.

C.M. Hammack Law Firm specializes in helping people get through difficult legal challenges as easily as possible. In fact, that is OUR MISSION: to help you find the most positive solution to your unique legal problem. Whether you are looking for legal assistance for an injury, bankruptcy or disability issue, we are here to help.

Good personal injury lawyers understand that despite the accident your life must go on, and your bills must be paid according to a schedule that doesn’t take into account your recent injury. We strive to help you work through these issues. We represent people who have been injured in accidents or by defective products, and as personal injury attorneys, we strive to get our clients the funds required to treat the injury and move forward in life.

In some unfortunate cases, people who’ve been the victim of severe injury become disabled. And in those instances, the clients need our services more than ever. For those cases, you won’t need to search for separate disability attorneys. We help disability clients by representing them in all legal proceedings that affect their financial well being, including claims for Social Security Disability benefits or disability benefits through other private insurance companies. We investigate every possible source for revenue to help clients make up for diminished earning capacity as a result of injury and subsequent disability.

In extreme cases of financial hardship, sometimes the best solution is to file bankruptcy. As bankruptcy lawyers we assist clients in navigating the complex maze of bankruptcy proceedings. The first thing we do is to determine whether bankruptcy is indeed the best solution to your current problems. After our bankruptcy lawyer confers with a client and decides that bankruptcy is the best solution, the next step is to choose between filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. From that point on, our clients can count on us to be their voice throughout the entire process. Our clients can also count on timely and confidential legal advice. We tell you what options you have for minimizing further financial losses, and we present a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages for each choice along the way to a final and acceptable solution.

Protecting your rights requires that you remain vigilant and know when to hire an attorney. Many of us are hesitant to ask for help about a problem we believe we ought to be able to solve ourselves, but that only makes the existing problem more severe. When you take that first step in reaching out for help, it is important that you pick the right representation. For the best legal help in the Seattle area, there is no better choice than the professionals at C.M. Hammack Law Firm. Pick up the telephone or fill out the case review request, and we’ll work with you to develop a plan to resolve your problem. Fighting for the best interests of our clients is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Let us help you protect your rights and get the best possible financial settlement.


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